Accommodation at Root Healing (Thailand)​

Our new retreat center in Chiang Mai, Thailand provides a perfect setting to support you in getting the most out of the traditional Bwiti Iboga experiences we offer. 

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Curated for your comfort

Decorated with calming, hand-crafted Thai fabrics, all six rooms are surrounded by lush greenery, and close to our ceremony space and dining hall, and come with a personal mini fridge and kettle, hot running water, AC and a fan, and strong WiFi. 

Our two biggest lakeside rooms (Rooms 5 and 6) are fitted with jacuzzi tubs.  

Supporting your self-discovery

Beyond counselling and specialised support in devising the life you want to lead when you leave us, we take full advantage of our Chiang Mai location when it comes to integration, and all our rooms are available to book for longer. We offer day trips into the surrounding countryside and its many beautiful temples, as well as specialsed integration activities on site, including: 

  • Thai massages
  • Yoga
  • Muay Thai  
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Personalising your iboga experience

If you're considering joining us at Root Healing (Thailand), we invite you to schedule a free consulation call with one of our dedicated providers.

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All rooms are priced at 3500 USD, and allocated on a first come, first served basis for our all-inclusive, eight-day psychospiritual retreats.