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Moughenda's Mr. Choice

Mr Choice:

When I was in Africa Moughenda often talked about the power of choices. He talked about this special moment, “the pause,” where we were left with “Mr. Choice” – a moment of complete freedom where we decide our future by choosing yes or no. This moment is actually the only moment there ever is as we are constantly making choices and actually always in that pause. However, the practice starts with becoming familiar with this feeling by waking yourself up to the present moment. Luckily, with Iboga, this moment becomes very clear. In a flood dose we are put completely behind our thoughts and can see them for what they are. Even as a new provider, I have seen many people complain that they are caught in a loop and that their mind is racing and out of control. This is true, but the Iboga hasn’t actually changed your thoughts, but rather is showing you how your mind works. This view of your mind is such a gift and the Iboga spirit will stay with you for anywhere from 1-6 months after – offering you that pause for “Mr. Choice” any time you have an important decision to make. This help from Iboga can also be accessed through microdosing, although it is not as strong. It is my view that for those that can, a flood dose of Iboga is much more effective at revealing this pause. 

Personal Power – Agency:

The power of what Moughenda calls “Mr. Choice” is that this is the only real way to be true to ourselves and get what we want in life. 

So much of our lives, we made the wrong choices and never understood our own agency and control. A main gateway to this behavior is not knowing who we are and what we want. I’m sure anyone reading this can relate to the never ending questions in our mind about “our purpose,” “our destiny,” “our career.” In reality what we want is very simple – to be happy and have peace of mind. The path towards these aims is different for every person, but it never comes from things, identities, roles, positions or money. In Bwiti we believe life is meant to be enjoyed and little time is spent on things that don’t suit that aim. This is usually very simple. One of my first clients, that I ever worked with as a provider, asked Iboga to show him what he could replace his addictions with that would also make him happy. The answer was Gardening! He lit up when he realized the validity and passion behind his love for gardening and determined that this should be a focal point for his future healthy life. Now that he knows this, when meeting “Mr. Choice,” his choices will bring him closer to this goal. For me it is healing people with Iboga, for my girlfriend it’s writing, my sister her son and studying the brain… For you it is…???

Don’t Waste Time on Doubt:

In today’s world where we seem to have unlimited choices and it can be debilitating. I’m sure countless relationships have ended as a result of deciding where to eat, or what to watch on netflix. Over the course of a lifetime, I’m sure that several months of life are spent standing in front of the refrigerator, pantry or looking at a menu unable to decide. All of this is preventable by knowing and making quick yes or no choices. This practice will clear your mind and eventually become natural. Decisions will be made with little to no thought and you can have a direct experience with life itself, in the present moment. Before their ceremony, many people have questions about the right thing to do or what they want and Iboga almost always gives them very simple answers. If they accept this truth, they are liberated. This is also something that Iboga will continue to help you with for 1-6 months after your ceremony. 

Own it:

Once you know and a decision has been made you have to own it. The key here is to own your decisions once they are made and then let it go. Don’t allow your mind to second guess and think about whether something else could have been better. This is the trap of our minds. Once you know who you are and what you want, your decision will become more and more clear with this practice. In reality our decisions (actions) are the only thing we truly do own – there is no avoiding this. Tricking ourselves into believing anything else is a dangerous delusion. How many times have you heard people saying things like, “its my parents/bosses/spouses fault” or “ the universe is against me right now, nothing is going right?” That is all BS. You are responsible for your perspective and your perspective will always dictate your experience. The second you take responsibility for your life and your choices, you will notice a shift that will be difficult at first, but incredibly light and easy over time. 

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