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Bwiti valentines day

Bwiti, Iboga and the Power of Self-Love

Iboga and self-love: Whether you join us for a detox or a psychospiritual retreat, it’s always a you-focussed adventure — as the Bwiti tradition combines with the medicine to help you get to know you.

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First look, twitter (14)

Coming home: Our new center in Thailand

Some of the many reasons we are excited about this development include the opportunities the new center in Thailand offers for:

✓ Expanding our equitable access programmes

✓ Offering full-service treatments (e.g., for autoimmune diseases)

✓ Upscaled detox facilities

✓ Launching our dedicated Aftercare Center

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a bwiti ceremony

Ibogaine Ceremony

Ibogaine Ceremony Many people have been asking about an “Ibogaine Ceremony” so we wanted to clear a few things up with the terminology. To the

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