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Root Healing Ethics Pledge

  1. We will always do the self-work necessary to be healers. Taking time to look at ourselves and continuing to grow.
  2. Full disclosure on safety of working with Iboga
  3. We will always protect the privacy of our clients.
  4. No risks will ever be taken with a health assessment that does not meet our requirements.
  5. All of the Iboga we use will always come from ethical sources and be traditionally harvested. Our medicine comes directly from the Missoko Bwiti.
  6. All ceremonies and practices will follow the Missoko Bwiti traditions we were taught. 
  7. All of the Iboga that we work with is sustainably grown and harvested. It is grown, cared for and prepared in the traditional ceremonial way. 
  8. We will do everything we can to promote, preserve and respect the Missoko Bwiti Tradition. 
  9. We pledge to build trust within the community.
  10. As healers, we will live our lives with integrity and always make decisions that are rooted in an acknowledgment of interdependence and prioritizing the well-being of others. 
  11. We will remain dedicated to the process and always working to improve.
  12. We will always be dedicated to equality and justice
  13. We will do everything in our power to provide equitable access to our services. We maintain a goal of never turning anyone away for financial reasons. 
  14. We pledge to promote the growth of this field of work