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What is the best Iboga Retreat for me?

Like many others, you may be asking: “What is the best Iboga Retreat?” This is a common question people ask once they’ve been called to Iboga and begin doing their research. Of course, we are a little biased towards a Missoko Bwiti informed retreat, but also know that there are certain circumstances that may call for another type of retreat. 

If someone is struggling with heavy addictions, we may recommend going to an Ibogaine clinic or to work with one of the Iboga Providers in our network who have been trained in the Iboga-Assisted-Detox. This is a completely different way to work with the medicine and is quite difficult, but for those who are ready, it really works. Once someone has been completely physically detoxed from the substances they were addicted to, we would recommend them to come to do a more spiritually focused ceremony with us. 

If someone has certain medical conditions, mainly related to the heart, we may recommend them not to do an Iboga ceremony at all. However, in many cases, we can have them do a microdose regimen that builds upon their relationship to the medicine and promotes the physical healing that can allow them to do a full Iboga ceremony.

There are also certain mental health conditions that will either require a more in-depth preparation process or may disqualify people from a full Iboga ceremony. It is important to be upfront about these things when you are doing the intake. While it is a very powerful healing tool, Iboga is not always the best option for people and can actually be harmful to people with certain conditions. 

Lastly, it is important to be clear about any medications or supplements you have been taking. This is such an important qualifier that we have a Doctor of Pharmacology on staff who has trained us on contraindication and also reviews clients’ files to determine the best plan of action to prepare them for their Iboga ceremony. 

Those are just some of the things we look at when evaluating clients. We will review your intake thoroughly before we recommend what the best Iboga Retreat is for you. For someone who is ready for a full Iboga ceremony, we recommend the Missoko Bwiti style retreat, which is offered by us and our partner Iboga providers across the globe. 

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