Iboga Retreats in Colorado 2021

July 6th-12th
July 16th-22nd
Limited Spots Available

Our Retreat Schedule

Orientation, Introductions, Relaxation
day 2
Processing Day (counseling, process, relax)
day 4
Further relaxation and reflecting before second ceremony
day one
Iboga Ceremony
day 3
Integration Day Trip into nature
day 5

Day five through departure repeats the same cycle as seen above. The work then continues after your return home with a comprehensive aftercare plan, intergration counseling calls & optional microdosing regimen.

7 Day Iboga Retreat

Root Healing - Colorado
  • 2 Iboga Ceremonies
  • Beautiful Acomodations
  • Day trips for Integration Day
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Counseling
  • Integration Counseling
  • Healthy Organic Meals

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