Iboga Retreat Booking Process

1. Complete Form 

Please complete the form which can be found throughout the site or below. Once you have completed the form, you will receive two emails, one for creating an account and another with information and a link to the health assessment. 

Free Consultation

Fill out this form to schedule a 30 minute call where we’ll answer questions and explain the process of a traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga journey. 

2. Health Assessment

For your safety and to ensure the most beneficial experience for you, we ask that you complete an intake questionnaire. Many of these questions will be about your health background, but will also help us to get an idea of what you want to work with in the Psychospiritual. Iboga can be a powerful healer, especially when your provider knows what you want to heal. 

Completing this form is also helpful because it helps you to really think about your intention for working with Iboga and begins the process of inward reflection that promotes deep healing with Iboga. 

3. Phone Consultation

During the phone consultation call, we will be asking you a few initial question about your personal and health background. Once we get through these initial questions, we will share a bit about ourselves, Iboga, Bwiti and what to expect from a ceremony. We will also have time to answer any questions you have. It is helpful to have your questions prepared before the call to ensure you get all the clarification you need. However, if you do decide to go with us as your provider, we will be available to answer any questions you have before the ceremony and will also help with integration afterword. 

One important thing to take into this call is that this is your chance to qualify us as the provider you want to work with. We believe it is very important to work with the provider that is right for you. Should you feel like you want a different provider, we would be happy to help you find someone else. We have a diverse network of Iboga Providers across the world that we work with and can recommend. 

4. Health Qualifications (EKG, LFT)

Unfortunately, Iboga is not for everyone and can actually be dangerous for some. After reviewing the Intake questionnaire we will have a good idea about your health qualifications but require that you get the following tests:

  • An EKG Test
  • A Liver Function Test
  • A Drug Test that shows Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine and benzodiazepines

Please send us scanned versions of these tests and then bring the originals with you to the retreat. Please note that if we identify any tampering or manipulation of these tests, we will send you home immediately. We may also require you to take these tests again upon arrival to ensure your safety and ours. 

5. In Person Meeting and Orientation

This is done when you have arrived and settled to the retreat location. In this meeting we will catch up on where you are at and go deep into your intentions for the ceremony. We will also work together to prepare for your psychospiritual. Please be as open as you can as this will really promote your healing in the ceremony.