Mexico Iboga Retreat Schedule

Iboga Retreats in Mexico

We are excited to work with both Bwiti Life and Iboga Healing to offer these Iboga Retreats at Bwiti Life’s stunning Mexico resort. All of the January retreats will be led by Steven “Mobengui” Callahan, with Root Healings lead provider Ryan Rich, as well. In mid-February Michael “Mboma” Cassidy will return to Bwiti Life from his Canada retreats.  

Unfortunately, our last retreat on this schedule will be the Feb 15th – Feb 22 one. After that we will be returning to the states for some ceremonies and visiting friends, family and collecting our princess Rayna (dog) before Ryan returns to Gabon for a few months for more training. 

When Ryan returns from Gabon, he will be working with Steven Callahan, Madeleine Cullerton and Michael Drew to offer Iboga retreats in Tulum, Mexico starting in June 2021. 

Mexico Iboga Retreat Schedule

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