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Root Healing – Traditional Bwiti Iboga Retreats

Root Healing is an Iboga Retreat center that follows the traditional Missoko Bwiti way of holding Iboga Ceremonies. The Bwiti have worked with Iboga for thousands of years, longer than anyone else, and therefore know how to work with this powerful plant medicine. As Bwiti initiates and providers empowered by 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman Moughenda, we have set up our Iboga retreats to optimally support the spirit of Iboga in your healing and spiritual discovery. Root Healing is dedicated to helping you heal and let go of the past, discover your true self and get clarity on what you want – to learn how you can be happy.


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Traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies

The traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies follow the model taught by Moughenda (10th Generation Bwiti Shaman) which is based on thousands of years of Bwiti work with Iboga Medicine. Every last detail of the ceremony has been given to the Bwiti by the Iboga spirit and empowers it's potential to heal.

Iboga Assisted Detox

The Iboga Assisted Detox Programs are designed to help you detox from drugs without the withdrawal symptoms. Once you have been detoxed, we will focus on your physical, spiritual, and mental healing. This program focuses on maintaining the powerful spiritual practices of the Bwiti while also utilizing modern medicine for safety.

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Preparation or Integration Counseling

Probably the most important part of working with Iboga is the preparation and integration. Our Male or Female counselors will work with you to get the most out of the Iboga experience no matter where you are going for your journey. Our integration model will ensure you process and understand the teachings of Iboga.

Included with Retreats:

Preparation Counseling

We will have a pre-retreat interview to determine your status and tailor a pre-treatment plan


Comfortable and clean indivual accommodations will be provided for the duration of the retreat.

Healthy Local Meals

All of our meals are local and mostly organic. All meal preferences can be accomodated

2 Day Trips

On the integration day, we will take two day-trips to the city, spa, temples, waterfalls and hiking trails


In between ceremonies, we will have multiple guided meditation and yoga sessions.

Medical Evaluation

Before we have our fitst ceremony, our Doctor does a check up to ensure you are good to go.

Spiritual Shower

Before our second ceremony, we will all do a traditional Bwiti Spiritual Shower in the river nearby

Airport Transfer

Transfer to and from the airport is provided free of charge to all retret guests.

Integration Coaching

4 Hour-long integration sessions are offered to all who attend one of our retreats.


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Free Consultation

Fill out this form to schedule a 30 minute call where I’ll answer questions and explain the process of a traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga Retreat.