Go Deeper: Return to Your Roots

This is a special invitation for guests who have previously joined us for one of our eight-day psychospiritual retreats to return for a follow-up ceremony. 

Only available in December 2023, our Go Deeper retreat is a unique opportunity to join us for a follow-up traditional Bwiti iboga ceremony, where you will:

  • Develop even greater self-understanding;

  • Grow more rooted in your truth;

  • Have the chance to seek a Pre-Initiation opportunity;

  • And find the answers to your follow-up questions.

Are you feeling called to go deeper?

Lead Providers Rupi and Steven are ready to talk through the possible next chapter of your Bwiti iboga journey.

If you’ve been to a Root Healing retreat, you’ll know how much the Bwiti love food, and not to expect any dietas before iboga (unlike with most other plant medicines). 

But to refresh your memory, or if you’re a newcomer seeking a flavour of what to expect from our kitchen at our Sintra center, here is a sample meal plan:

Eight day Psychospirtual Retreat 3

And if you haven’t visited Root Healing (Portugal), here’s a glimpse into our Sintra center, and some reflections on iboga from our Lead Provider Rupi. 

December bookings are filling up fast!

If you’d like to join us at Root Healing (Portugal) in 2023, get in touch as soon as possible to secure one of the last remaining spots on our psychospirtual retreat. 

Dates: 05-12 December 2023

Exclusive opportunity: Join us with a private booking

Only available this December at Root Healing (Portugal), our guides and hospitality team are offering an exclusive opportunity to book a private ceremony.

Ideal for guests who wish to bring their own group, or who seek the more than usually enhanced privacy and support an individual experience offers. 

Pricing enquiries: info@roothealing.com