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Plant medicine retreat examples of entheogens, peyote, iboga, ayahuasca

Plant Medicine Retreat

Plant Medicine Retreat What is Plant Medicine Plant medicine retreat refers to the traditional way of using medicinal plants such as herbs, roots, shrubs, leaves,

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Bwiti men in ceremony

The Early Bwiti

The Early Bwiti Misconceptions, Clarifications, and Powerful Teachings of the Bwiti before they used Iboga as a Sacrament.  Thousands of years ago in the earliest

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Who is Moughenda?

Moughenda Mikala – Bwiti Shaman Moughenda is a 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman from the western African country, Gabon. Gabon is often called the “Tibet of

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shows chickens in the shamans chair in bwiti temple

Moughenda’s Mr. Choice

Moughenda’s Mr. Choice Mr Choice: When I was in Africa Moughenda often talked about the power of choices. He talked about this special moment, “the

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