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Plant medicine retreat examples of entheogens, peyote, iboga, ayahuasca

Plant Medicine Retreat

Plant Medicine Retreat What is Plant Medicine Plant medicine retreat refers to the traditional way of using medicinal plants such as herbs, roots, shrubs, leaves,

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lawyer works on legal documents with light behind him

Ibogaine Legality

Ibogaine Legal Status Worldwide What is Ibogaine? Ibogaine is a highly psychoactive compound found in a few unique plants, most notably, the Tabernathe iboga —

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ibogaine alkaloid

Ibogaine Alkaloid Benefits

Ibogaine Alkaloid Benefits A Scientific Take Backed by Research Ibogaine is a natural alkaloid extracted from the root of the Iboga plant (Tabernanthe iboga) which

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Bwiti men in ceremony

The Early Bwiti

The Early Bwiti Misconceptions, Clarifications, and Powerful Teachings of the Bwiti before they used Iboga as a Sacrament.  Thousands of years ago in the earliest

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a bwiti ceremony

Ibogaine Ceremony

Ibogaine Ceremony Many people have been asking about an “Ibogaine Ceremony” so we wanted to clear a few things up with the terminology. To the

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