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Root Healing

Traditional Bwiti Iboga Retreats & Wellness in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Root Healing offers traditional Bwiti Iboga ceremonies and Bwiti-informed wellness programmes at our center in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Portugal. Set in the foothills of the Himalayas and surrounded by forests, waterfalls and temples, Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s most enchanting and spiritually-charged cities. We are excited to offer expanded wellness facilities, and a range of integration and aftercare options to support your experience with iboga.

Root Healing offers two main types of iboga experience:

8-Day Psychospiritual Retreat

  • For: Physical, mental and spiritual healing and growth
  • Includes: Two traditional Bwiti iboga ceremonies
  • Suitable for: Everybody who meets our medical screening criteria

Can be paired with specialized long-term healings featuring Bwiti-informed aftercare (see “Expanded Wellness Programmes”).

Expanded Wellness Programmes

  • For: Interrupting patterns negatively impacting on quality of life 
  • Facilitating: Re-orientation your life path from a position of rebalanced physical and mental health 
  • Specialised aftercare programme (long-term) with Bwiti-informed practices

Nourishing meals and snacks made on-site by our dedicated kitchen staff with fresh local produce will always be available to support you during your time with us.

Our integration and aftercare possibilities here include day trips and hiking trails for maximum immersion in Chiang Mai’s verdant beauty, as well as a sauna and the option of individual yoga, Thai massage and introductory Muay Thai sessions on-site.

2024/25 Thailand Retreat Schedule

July 7-14

July 20-27

August 3 – 10

October 3 – 10

October 15 – 22

October 27 – Nov 3

November 30 – Dec 7

December 11 – 18

January 3 – 10

January 15 – 22

January 27 – Feb 3

February 9 – 16

Ask us anything! Schedule a free consultation

A member of our Root Healing team will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange your free consultation where you can:

✓ Learn more about our medical screening process

✓ Discuss your unique needs

✓ Ask us anything about joining us for a traditional Bwiti iboga retreat experience

✓ And book your place

What is Iboga?

A powerful medicinal plant used by the Bwiti for thousands of years as a tool for spiritual, physical, and mental healing. 

Five Core Values at Root Healing

Root Healing (Thailand) is where time-honored ritual meets best practice in safety, hospitality, and care, for:

SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY and psychological and physical healing;

PATTERN INTERRUPTION which is personalised and medically supported.

Our core values are held by everybody at Root Healing Retreats:


“You cannot have iboga without Bwiti, or Bwiti without iboga.” 

As we adhere to iboga rituals that are thousands of years old, our guests benefit from the wisdom passed down from Bwiti ancestors to help realize the healing potential of this powerful medicine.


The Bwiti know how to work with iboga in a safe way, and this is encoded into the traditional, time-honored rituals we practice at Root Healing. 

Combined with this, we make medical safety a top priority, with a doctor and nurse on staff to supervise guests’ evaluations and monitoring. 


The Bwiti tradition is known as the “study of life itself.” 

This forms our leading philosophy at Root Healing, where we are committed to being constant students in our own lives, as iboga providers and in the field of iboga research; learning from our own research programmes, scientific publications, updated protocols and professional collaborations.


We started Root Healing because we wanted to help people heal with the help of iboga. Delivering the standard of care we offer all our guests unfortunately means meeting our running costs, but we believe financial status shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing healing with iboga. Get in touch to discuss equitable access opportunities:


Root Healing aims to give back to the Bwiti communities who have been the guardians and protectors of iboga for thousands of years before generously sharing their spiritual tradition with us. Our reciprocity activities include volunteering, direct financial support, creating non-profit programmnes; and amplifying the voice of the Bwiti outside of Gabon.

We aim to create a nurturing environment where you will feel safe, supported and secure throughout your stay, whether you join us for our eight-day psychospiritual retreat programme or a personalized wellness retreat. Read our Provider Guidelines.