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Root Healing

Traditional Iboga Retreat & Detox Centers in Portugal & Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sintra, Portugal

Chiang Mai, Thailand

At Root Healing, we are dedicated to helping you heal, let go of the past, and discover the truth of who you are and what you want. Our hope is that iboga can end your healing journey, so that you can focus on being fully present and enjoying the gift of life. We pair the profound traditional way of holding Bwiti ceremonies with western medical practices to ensure a safe & transformative iboga experience. 


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2024 Thailand Retreat Schedule

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Traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga Ceremony

When you attend a Root Healing iboga retreat you’ll partake in two traditional Missoko Bwiti iboga Ceremonies. Our ceremonies are led by our team of highly trained iboga Providers. Our protocol is based on thousands of years of Bwiti work with iboga plant medicine. Every last detail of the ceremony has been given to the Bwiti by the Iboga spirit and empowers its potential to heal.

Iboga Assisted Detox

Root Healing offers Iboga Assisted Detox Programs, which are designed to help you detox from drugs without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Once you have been detoxed, we will focus on your physical, spiritual, and mental healing. This program focuses on maintaining the powerful spiritual practices of the Bwiti while also utilizing modern medicine for safety. This offering is unique to each individual and is tailored to your needs.

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At Root Healing, respecting the lineage of the Bwiti Iboga tradition and providing equitable access to this profound medicine is at the root of all we do.


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What is Iboga?

A powerful medicinal plant used by the Bwiti for thousands of years as a tool for spiritual, physical, and mental healing. 

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