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Root Healing offers Iboga Retreats in Portugal, Thailand, and worldwide. All Iboga Retreat ceremonies are done following the traditional Missoko Bwiti protocols laid out by 10th Generation Shaman Moughenda. Our main provider (Bio Below) trained with and was empowered as an Iboga Provider by Moughenda in Gabon. It is important for us to promote the Bwiti tradition when working with Iboga to encourage the healing help of the medicine’s spirit, our Bwiti brothers and sisters, other spirits, and ancestors. The Bwiti style of ceremony comes from the Iboga itself, and therefore, is the best method for our aim.

Another big priority of ours is SAFETY. We go above and beyond what many Retreats are offering to ensure a safe retreat. We have a Doctor and Nurses on staff who will help with evaluations, EKG‘s and monitoring throughout the ceremonies and processing days. Our Iboga Assisted Detox (IAD) program has some of the strictest safety measures in the industry with our Full-Time Doctor and Nursing staff who are always there. They will monitor with intensive care.

When it comes to healing with Iboga, we believe in a long term strategy. Our retreats are 7 days long, but the works extends outwards before and after the retreat. We will coach you along in your preparation for the retreat and offer an extensive 6-month integration process post-retreat. The reason our retreats are 7 days, is because we believe it is optimal for healing to include 2 ceremonies, 2 processing days and 2 integration days. 

If you still have questions about Root Healing, our priorities, or anything at all, please reach out to us at any time.

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Root Healing's mission is to provide effective, safe, and equitable healing with Iboga following the Bwiti traditions, while giving back to the Bwiti communities we are learning from.”

- Ghenigho

Our Team :

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Integration Specialist

Madeleine is a writer, nascent herbalist, and certified coach. After having been a cynic for many years regarding plant medicines, she finally came to Iboga after seeing the incredible shift in Ryan. After two ceremonies, she knew this medicine had changed her life forever & committed to helping in its facilitation. Using her years of experience in the hospitality industry, she currently works as head of hospitality at Root Healing, providing a nourishing environment to its guests. As a practicing Buddhist & coach, she is integrating the profound teachings of the Bwiti (and therefore iboga) into her practices. Madeleine is an effective coach that works with our guest before, during and after retreat.

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Ryan (Ghenigho)


Ryan or "Ghenigho" is the founder of Root Healing. He is a traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga provider who was trained and empowered by 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman Moughenda. His work with Iboga includes Traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies, Iboga Assisted Detox, Pre-initiations, Iboga Preparation, and Iboga Integration Counseling. Ryan will be leading most of the Root Healing ceremonies and our Detox program. Ryan also studies/practices Tantra, Engaged Buddhism, and of course Bwiti. In addition to his Bwiti/Iboga work, Ryan is a meditation teacher, counselor,  and mentor. Ryan loves to help people liberate themselves from their conditioning, their fear, and actualizing a more full, engaged, life. 

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Moughenda Mikala (Bwiti Shaman)

Moughenda is a 10th Generation Bwiti  Shaman who has over 30 years of experience. In his time healing people outside of Gabon, he treated thousands of people for all forms of mental health conditions, spiritual health, and detox from drugs and alcohol. Moughenda is now back in Gabon most of the time offering traditional Bwiti Initiation retreats, training Iboga Providers, and helping his community and village through his non-profit Banes Ba Dimbu (Children of the Village). 

Moughenda is also a partner of and helps to manage Root Healing. He has trained our entire staff on his treatment methods and plans to come back to the centers to run some retreats several times per year. When he is not able to be physically at the center, he is also offering specialized retreats to our guests who choose the extended Detox program. In this program, guests will go down to Moughenda’s Villlage in Gabon for an Initiation and Rites of Passage after their treatment.

Medical & Science Team :

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Medical Doctor (Anonymous)


A highly experienced Medical Doctor who has a deep understanding of how Iboga/ibogaine work on the body. They have also been trained by Moughenda on Bwiti methods of treatment.

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Neuroscience Expert (Anonymous)

PhD Neuroscientist

Having always been fascinated by the healing potential of psychedelics, when she found Iboga, she knew that this was particularly special and now works with us studying it on the side.

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Medication Expert (Anonymous)


A highly experienced Pharmacist who specializes in the potential contraindication of medications with Iboga. They review every health assessment to ensure a safe treatment.

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Medical Nursing Team (Anonymous)


Our nursing staff are all credentialed and experienced nurses who have also been trained by Moughenda and our medical team so they can offer the best possible care to our guests.

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