About Root Healing Iboga Retreats

We are a team of Missoko Bwiti, Science, Medical, and Hospitality professionals committed to providing safe and effective holistic healing services with Iboga.

Our Values


We believe that it’s true when they say: “You cannot have Iboga without Bwiti, or Bwiti without Iboga.” It’s very important to us that we follow traditional Bwiti practices when working with Iboga to encourage the healing help of the medicine’s spirit. By adhering to Iboga rituals that are thousands of years old, we also benefit from wisdom passed down from Bwiti ancestors that enhances healing when using this powerful plant medicine.


Safety is a big priority for us. We go above and beyond to ensure a safe retreat. We have a doctor and nurses on staff to help with guests’ evaluations and monitoring. This allows guests to feel assured that they are well taken care of throughout the Iboga ceremonies and processing days. 

Additionally, our Iboga Detox program has some of the strictest safety measures in the industry. 


The Bwiti tradition is actually “The study of life itself” and at Root Healing, this is our leading philosophy. We are committed to being constant students in our lives and in this field. There is still so much to learn about in the Iboga healing space and we continue to learn from our own research programs, scientific publications, updated protocols, studies of relevant subjects, trainings, and collaboration with other professionals. 


We got into this work because we want to help people heal from Iboga just like we did. Unfortunately, we live in a capitalist society and in order to do this full-time as serious professionals, we need to also support ourselves with this work. That being said, people’s financial status shouldn’t be the determining factor in access to healing. We believe that it is possible to use our success as a way to open up this up to more people and have a serious equitable access program 


The Bwiti have been the shepherds and protectors of Iboga for thousands of years and have generously shared their powerful spiritual tradition with us. In the same spirit, Root Healing aims to give back to the Bwiti communities where this tradition and medicine originates. We do this in several different ways like ensuring that the tradition is respected, direct financial support, volunteering our time and skills, non-profits programs, supporting their voice outside of Gabon, and most importantly listening.

Comprehensive Care

From the time that we first connect all the way through your completion of our aftercare program, we are committed to your healing. Our intake team will give you everything you need to be fully prepared for the retreat. During the retreat our hospitality team will take care of all your needs so that you can focus on your healing and our expert facilitators will guide and coach you through your healing process. In our nurturing environment, you will feel safe, supported, and secure throughout your stay, but most importantly, you will leave feeling confident in yourself.

We are committed to your successful integration back into your new life and have an extensive aftercare program that will keep you on track for lasting success. 

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Founder and Lead Facilitator:
Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich

First thing’s first, Ryan’s not “your healer.” That’s you.

His approach is focussed on giving every guest all the knowledge, experience and support needed to empower you towards your own best ways of repatterning your life with Bwiti and iboga, while Ryan and the Root Healing team provide the aftercare and integration support to help your discoveries stick.

Ryan “Ghenigho” Rich is the founder of Root Healing and is one of the world’s most experienced & knowledgable traditional Bwiti Iboga Facilitators. Since the inception of Root Healing, it has been his mission to bring Bwiti Indigenous Sciences, Western Sciences and professionalism together for enhanced safety, something you’ll notice from the outset of any iboga screening process with us.

He is extensively trained and empowered by his Missoko Bwiti elders to facilitate retreats, offer pre-initation ceremonies to both Men & Women.

Ryan has worked with hundreds of guests on their healing, and facilitated around 20-40 safe & effective ceremonies per year since he began doing this work. He also mentors other facilitators on their path.

Our Team :


Ryan (Ghenigho)


Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich is the founder of Root Healing. He is a traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga provider who was trained and empowered to lead retreats and also offer preinitiations to men and women. His work with Iboga includes Traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies, Iboga Assisted Detox, Pre-initiations, Iboga Preparation, and Iboga Integration Counseling. Ryan is a lead providers at most of the Root Healing ceremonies and our Detox program. Ryan also studies/practices Tantra, Engaged Buddhism, and of course Bwiti. In addition to his Bwiti/Iboga work, Ryan is a meditation teacher, counselor,  and mentor. Ryan loves to help people liberate themselves from their conditioning, and their fear, and actualize a more full, engaged, life. 



Assistant Faciltator

As a yoga teacher, Vipassana practitioner, and traveler for the past 15 years, I have always sought the true meaning of life—the root of existence. Through the teachings of Bwiti, I discovered a simple, genuine, and familiar truth, as if it had always been known but somehow forgotten. Over the last five years, I have dedicated my efforts to working in retreat centers in Mexico and Portugal. In this role, I engage in various activities, including cooking, teaching yoga, providing Thai yoga massages, and supporting individuals through their Iboga experiences. Drawing from my Buddhist and meditation background, I find a profound connection with people, and my intention is to assist others on their journey towards happiness and a deeper understanding of reality.

Madeleine Ebando Cullerton



Madeleine "Ebando" is a Bwiti Initiate and Iboga Provider who has experienced immense healing from Iboga for trauma and health conditions. She also has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and uses it to ensure quality experiences for our guests.

Steve Noble


Assistant Facilitator


Guest Experience Manager

With a keen eye for detail and a warm, welcoming demeanor, Guest Experience Manager Waan takes great pleasure in ensuring that each guest feels supported, cared for, and comfortable throughout their stay. Coming to Root Healing from a background in traditional rehab facilities, Waan combines a commitment to providing exceptional service with a profound personal understanding of the nature of the kinds of transformative journey that we facilitate at Root Healing.

Megan Hu PhD in front of Ultrasound

Dr. Hu

Principal Investigator (neuroscience)

Having always been fascinated by the healing potential of psychedelics, when she found Iboga, she knew that this was particularly special and now works with us studying it on the side.

Injai Clinic

Injai Clinic

Director of Hospitality

We are proudly partnered with the Injai clinic in Chiang Mai for help with medical review, specialized intakes, tapering schedules, treatments, and more.



Communications Director