Bwiti Initiation Retreat & Rite of Passage

When it comes to taking Iboga, the most powerful way to experience “the medicine” is to go to Africa to join the Bwiti for a retreat. The Bwiti have been working with and shepherding Iboga for thousands of years and the entire Bwiti tradition and its rituals are all given to them by Iboga. As you probably already know, the initiation is something that all Bwiti do. It is a way to promote a spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy village. It ensures that they are all connected to their souls and it allows them to fully live their lives. The initiation is one of the most potent spiritual ceremonies in the world today and is a way to step into true adulthood.

The Bwiti Rite of Passage is another tradition of the Bwiti that is their “coming of age” ritual. What goes on in the Rite of Passage is shrouded in secrecy to ensure that the experience all comes as a surprise. So technically, we cannot tell you much about it. However, what we can tell you is that it typically lasts 3-5 days and can be folded into a 14-day retreat. 

For those that feel called to go to Gabon and do the initiation and/or the Rite of Passage (optional), we can help you book and prepare for your journey. Retreats are generally held in the late spring and summer but are also sometimes offered year-round.  There are two types of retreats offered in the village. There is a 10-day retreat that does not include the Rite of Passage, and the 14-day retreat that has both the Bwiti Initiation and Rite of Passage. Both types of retreat will have multiple additional ceremonies. Our personal favorite of these is the magical “Welcome Ceremony” that includes music, dancing, and even fire dancing and lasts until late the following day. The welcome ceremony is an epic experience where you will truly get to see what Bwiti is all about. 

What Happens in a Bwiti Initiation?

In the Bwiti Initiation, guests are given a much larger dose of Iboga Medicine to help them to get to the places they need to spiritually. Most people will take between 3-8 scoops of the Iboga root bark throughout the night. The ceremony will follow the same process as any other Bwiti Ceremony, with singing and music throughout the night and beginning with guests sitting upright on the sides of the temple. Medicine will be distributed all night until you reach the proper dose for your tolerance. At some point, you will also lay down when the medicine has hit you. The initiation ceremony does have additional rituals that are meant to be kept secret, so we will have to leave it at that. If you have further questions after reading this, please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below. 

What is the Schedule for a Bwiti Retreat?

The Bwiti do not believe in schedules. They prefer to live in the present moment and focus on direct expereince, so they believe that too much scheduling will take them away from that. That being said, we can give you a general idea about a Bwiti Iboga Retreat schedule. 

  1. You will get picked up from the Airport and brought to the village
  2. A Welcome Ceremony will happen in one of your first nights (usually the first night) at the village
  3. Bwiti Teachings will be offered throughout the retreat 
  4. Lessons in Bwiti Music and Musical instruments are offered throughout the retreat. 
  5. Microdosing is an option at all times
  6. An Initiation Ceremony 
  7. Rite of Passage (for 14-day retreats)
  8. Additional ceremonies
  9. Food and accommodations are provided throughout the retreat.
  10. At the end of the retreat a shuttle back to the airport will be provided. 

What should I bring to a Bwiti Retreat?

There is Malaria in Gabon and one must be cautious of this. Here is a list of what we suggest you bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Essential Oils that work for mosquitos
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Pants
  • shorts and shirts for middle of the day
  • Soap (Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap is our favorite and they also support psychedelics)
  • Gold bond
  • socks and hiking boots
  • Sandals
  • A hat or sunglasses
  • A Journal
  • Audio recorder or Cell Phone app that is good for recording music and “fire talks”

2022 Bwiti Initiation Dates

Bwiti Initiation and Psychospiritual Retreats

October 20-30, 2022 – OPEN


How do I book?

We are happy to help you book your Bwiti retreat in Gabon, simply fill out the form below to begin the process. From there, we assist you in your visa application process and retreat preparation. 

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