Equitable Access to Iboga

Root Healing is dedicated to offering  affordable Iboga retreats and detox, while also setting the bar for the highest standard of care, hospitality, safety, and healing. 

Sliding-Scale (Income Based) Pricing

In an effort to provide equitable access to this medicine, all Retreats and Detox treatments at Root Healing have a sliding-scale pricing model based on income. Tier 1 pricing is for those who are comfortably able to meet their basic needs and are in good financial standing whereas Tier 2 is for those who are currently employed, able to put some money away, pay rent and meet basic needs as well. Tier 3 is for those who are experiencing financial hardship.  Please note that by selecting the appropriate tier for your circumstances you are potentially helping someone who may not otherwise be able to get access to this healing medicine. Regardless of what tier you choose, the level of care is the same. 


This is the full cost of treatment


Discounted rate for those in need of some financial assistance


Deeply discounted rate for those in financial hardship. 

BIPOC Discount & Special Pricing

All members of the BIPOC community will be eligible for a discount and/or special pricing to be worked out privately dependent on the financial status of Root Healing. 

Donation Supported Treatments

Root Healing’s founders have created a separate Non-profit that is dedicated to offering donation-supported equitable access to Iboga’s healing for all people. The primary focus of the funds from the non-profit is to support detox treatments for addicts who cannot afford it otherwise, healing for indigenous communities, and supported access for BIPOC communities.