Iboga Retreat with Root Healing

Iboga Retreat at Root Healing are seven nights and follow the protocols designed first by 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman Moughenda. All retreats include airport transfer, 2 Iboga ceremonies, integration day trips, medical screening, orientation, spiritual showers, counseling, healthy food, accommodations, yoga, meditation, and integration calls.

Iboga & The Bwiti


Iboga, the Godfather of all plant medicines, is used by the Bwiti for physical healing, spiritual healing, and spiritual discovery. It is the sacrament of the Bwiti and nearly every aspect of their tradition and their ceremonies were given to them by the spirit of Iboga itself. Bwiti and Iboga’s symbiotic relationship goes back thousands of years to when it was discovered by them. At Root Healing Iboga Retreats, you can always expect a unique healing experience guided by the core Bwiti principles. We believe in maintaining this tradition & practices throughout all our work as they are inextricably linked and ensure a powerful Iboga retreat ceremony.

iboga retreat

In more recent times, scientific research has revealed more about the healing potential of Ibogaine, the primary active alkaloid of Iboga. Studies have shown that it can help with addictiondrug detoxtraumaPTSDautoimmune diseasesParkinsonsneuroplasticitycandidaanti-microbialanti-viral (including HIV), and more. These scientific backings are exciting, but the Bwiti have known about Iboga’s healing properties for a very long time and know how to enhance the benefits through powerful ceremonial practices and rituals which have been passed down to us by our teacher Moughenda, and our Bwiti family.

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Join us in beautiful Sintra, Portugal:
10/26 - 11/1
11/4 - 11/10
11/12 - 11/18

Included with Retreats:

Preparation Counseling

We will have a pre-retreat interview to determine your status and tailor a pre-treatment plan

Airport Transfer

Transfer to and from the airport is provided free of charge to all retret guests.

Healthy Local Meals

All of our meals are local and mostly organic. All meal preferences can be accomodated

Day Trips

On the integration day, we will take two day-trips to the city, spa, temples, waterfalls and hiking trails

Medical Evaluation

Before we have our fitst ceremony, our Doctor does a check up to ensure you are good to go.

Spiritual Shower

Before our second ceremony, we will all do a traditional Bwiti Spiritual Shower in the river nearby

Integration Coaching

4 Hour-long integration sessions are offered to all who attend one of our retreats.

Iboga Retreat Photos


Iboga Retreat at Root Healing follow a strict protocol that ensures our guests have a safe retreat experience. From the time of your first intake interview, we have your wellbeing in mind. Prior to your arrival, we’ll ask you to do a thorough health assessment that logs, amongst other things, any medical conditions or medications you may be prescribed.  From there, we’ll collect your EKG and liver panel (if needed) and review your file with our expert medical team. 

We check ...

Processing Day


While the retreat experience is incredible & transformative, the opportunity after leaving is just as important. Iboga stays with you up to 6 months after your experience. During that time you have the opportunity to rewire your brain, take control of your life & story. For this reason, we care a lot about integration. All participants get integration coaching calls, as well as “homework,” to assist in furthering your relationship with the medicine and the goals you came with.

Food & Accommodations

At Root Healing, we strive to create a safe and nourishing space for our guests as they embark on this work. That’s why all our iboga retreats are held at beautiful locations with comfortable accommodations. You’ll have your own private bed & bath, secluded in nature, with calming spaces to reflect in. Our goal is always to make you feel comfortable, cared for, and relaxed throughout your time here.

All meals at Root Healing are healthy, locally sourced, and organic when possible. We have specialized meal plans for each phase of the process. Ceremony days call for light and nourishing foods that prepare you for the night ahead. On processing days, we serve replenishing and fortifying options that will support you throughout the day. While meals are prepared in house most days of the retreat, during our integration day-trips, we like to eat out at wonderful local restaurants.

Iboga Retreat Styles Offered


Our 7-day Iboga retreat, with two ceremonies, are structured to ensure you receive the most that you can out of your journey. We find that two ceremonies are crucial in working with Iboga as oftentimes, multiple ceremonies allow for physical and mental detox as well as deeper insights.

Our 5-day Iboga retreat are designed for people who have limited schedules and otherwise cannot attend the 8-day retreats. These retreats will have everything that is included in the 8-day retreats, but with ceremonies on the night of arrival and the integration days. So you will have (1) ceremony the night you arrive, (2) processing day, (3) integration day with ceremony that night, (4) processing day, (5) integration day.

This medicine is unique to each person, so everyone’s experience varies, which is why we offer individual preparation counseling before, guidance throughout, and integration calls following. All Root Healing guests will have unlimited preparation calls and as many integration calls as they need following the retreat. All guests will also be included in our community group where we continue to support each other and can ask and answer questions.

Iboga Retreat Process

iboga leaves and fruit

Day One

After picking you up, you’ll have time to get settled into the space. During the day, we’ll touch base with you for a one on one conversation about your intentions and reasons for coming to an Iboga retreat. In the evening, once everyones arrives, we’ll gather for an orientation to answer any remaining questions & further connect.

Day Two

To get you in the right headspace before your ceremony, you’ll spend the day replenishing with relaxing activities. We’ll help you get calm, centered & focused as you prepare for your experience. Around 8 or 9pm, we’ll meet around the fire and have what the Bwiti call a “Fire Talk.” We’ll start taking the medicine and as the evening progresses, you’ll eventually lay down in the temple space. We’ll stay by your side the entire night and as the sun rises, we’ll take you back to your room after which we’ll be checking on you periodically.

Fire Pit
Processing Day

Day Three

This process flows right into the third day, what’s known as the “Processing Day.” This is your chance to turn inward, avoid distractions, and get to the root of why you made this journey in the first place. For some, this day can be challenging as things rise to the surface to be faced and for others, not at all. While we are always available and continually monitoring you, this is a day to truly be with yourself. The most important thing to remember is to avoid distractions or anything that takes you away from yourself and/or what you might be feeling or thinking.

Day Four

On the fourth day, “Integration Day,” we will go out as a group for a day trip. Each of our locations has beautiful outing opportunities, from the serene cenotes of Mexico to the temples of Thailand, this is a time to relax and take your newfound insights into nature to be enjoyed. 

Iboga Retreat Cave

Day 5-6

The end of the first integration day completes the first cycle of the Iboga Retreat and the following day we begin with the same sequence: Ceremony, Processing, and Integration. During the evening of the last day, we will have a closing ceremony and discussion to seal in everything you’ve learned and provide the next steps.

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