Iboga Retreats at Root Healing

Root Healing Iboga Retreats are offered year-round in Portugal and Thailand. Iboga Retreats are 8-days long and include 2 Traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies, Integration Day Trips, Medical Screening, Preparation Counseling, and Integration Counseling. 

Below are the dates for our upcoming retreats. If you do not see a date or location that works for you, please shoot us a message and we can help you to find something in our network that is closer or that meets your schedule. 

2024 Thailand Retreat Schedule

April 20-27

May 3-10

May 15-22

June 1-8

June 15-22

June 26-July 3

July 7-14

July 20-27


August 3-10

August 17-24

September 3-10

September 15-22

Sintra, Portugal

Chiang Mai, Thailand