Iboga Retreat in Portugal Europe

Root Healing is happy to offer Iboga Retreats in Portugal, one of the most beautiful, welcoming, and accessible countries in Europe. 

Our Portugal Center is Your Healing Home

Our Iboga retreat space offers the perfect container for your healing. From your arrival to your departure, your journey is steeped in the teachings of the Bwiti and Iboga. Often people have said that the medicine begins to work on them before they land. Over the course of 8 days, our highly trained team will hold and guide the space for your transformation.

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We’ll pick you up at the airport and escort you to our villa nestled in the Serra de Sintra mountains. Tucked away between pine covered hills and the Atlantic, Sintra, is a small and somewhat magical village along the coast in Portugal. We found its unique architecture, beautiful winding roads through dense forests and wide beaches the ideal environment to host our Iboga retreat in Europe. Once you’ve arrived, you can relax in our peaceful garden overlooking the mountains, or in one of the many private nooks inside. Nourishing meals, snacks & fresh local produce and fruit will always be available to support you throughout your time here.

For your integration days, Sintra, Portugal has so much to offer. We can have a picnic at the beach a short distance away, explore one of the many wild gardens or the unique medieval buildings that dot the countryside. 

Our All-inclusive Psychospiritual Retreats are €3500

Room Selection is first come first serve

What is Iboga?


Discovered thousands of years ago, Iboga is a perennial tree native to Gabon. Iboga has been used by the Bwiti, the indigenous group of the region, as a physical, mental, and spiritual healing tool. It is their sacrament, their sacred medicine, they often say “there is no Bwiti without Iboga and no Iboga without Bwiti.” 

While often classified as a psychedelic, Iboga has little in common with them. Iboga is a highly intelligent plant medicine, going directly to the root of your issues. The way it manifests is entirely unique for each person, giving you exactly what you need to heal. Some may experience profound visions while others may “see” nothing at all. It can be physically challenging or, entirely pleasant.

The Bwiti have been the shepards of this medicine for thousands of years.  We at  Root Healing therefore trust and adhere to the practices they have established in all that we do. Our medicine is ethically and ceremonially harvested and sourced directly from the village. 

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Our Team

Each member of the Root Healing team has been radically transformed by the healing power of Iboga. It’s why we’re so dedicated to helping people heal from their long-term traumas, discover their true selves and finally live a happy & purpose driven life. We are all here to empower & support you throughout your stay, from our cook who lovingly prepares nourishing foods to the providers who help guide you to your truth. 

Our goal with our Portugal Iboga retreat is to offer the powerful healing of a traditional Bwiti Iboga Retreat to all of Europe. With this in mind, we are constantly building our team to accommodate all European languages and cultures. Currently, we have people who speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian on our Portugal team. If you speak a language other than these and require a translator, we will always try to accommodate you. Please just let us know when you complete your intake forms.

In line with our core principles, almost all of our team has traveled to the village in Gabon in order to be initiated directly with the Bwiti tradition and our providers have gone onto more intensive training alongside  the Bwiti. We continue to have a strong & ongoing relationship with the village and tradition, realizing that there is always more to learn.

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