Large Tabernanthe Iboga Tree

Why is Iboga Better Than Ibogaine?

Why is Iboga Better Than Ibogaine? Iboga, which is also known as the godfather of all plant medicines, contains many alkaloids with potent healing properties. 
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Iboga for opiate addiction with bwiti man and needle

Iboga and Ibogaine for Opioid Addiction

Iboga and Ibogaine for Opioid Addiction Treatment Drug-involved overdose deaths in the US used to be under 20 000 per year by the end of
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success rate of ibogaine mental health

What is the Success Rate of Ibogaine or Iboga?

What is the success rate of Ibogaine or Iboga? According to the CDC, more than 90 000 Americans have died from a drug-involved overdose in
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iboga tree and neurons representing neuroplasticity of iboga and ibogaine

Neuroplasticity with Iboga and Ibogaine

Neuroplasticity of Iboga and Ibogaine Iboga is a medicinal herb known for its effect on attenuating symptoms of addiction and withdrawal. What is more, a
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heart and ibogaine molecule

Iboga (Ibogaine) Science Resources

Iboga (Ibogaine) Science Resources Science Resources Iboga Retreats and Ibogaine treatment centers are showing some remarkable healing results, so what does the science have to
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Iboga and Ayahuasca

Iboga vs Ayahuasca

Iboga vs. Ayahausca is meant to address the common question: "Is Iboga like Ayahuasca?" The short answer is no, they are very different plant medicines, but read more to learn how and why.
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Ibogaine for parkinsons and autoimmune - parkinsons patients

Ibogaine Treatment of Parkinson’s and Autoimmune Diseases

Potential for Ibogaine in The Treatment of Parkinson’s and Autoimmune Diseases Ibogaine is an alkaloid derived from the African shrub Tabernanthe iboga. Aside from its
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Plant medicine retreat examples of entheogens, peyote, iboga, ayahuasca

Plant Medicine Retreat

Plant Medicine Retreat What is Plant Medicine Plant medicine retreat refers to the traditional way of using medicinal plants such as herbs, roots, shrubs, leaves,
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lawyer works on legal documents with light behind him

Ibogaine Legality

Ibogaine Legal Status Worldwide What is Ibogaine? Ibogaine is a highly psychoactive compound found in a few unique plants, most notably, the Tabernathe iboga —
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