dorcas ndembi mbina fundraiser (2)

Fundraiser: Celebrating the life of Dorcas Ndembe Mbina

Just last April, Root Healing founders Madeliene and Ryan had the chance to meet Dorcas Ndembi Mbina (Ndembi). 

“She was the matriarch of the village. We were in awe of her spirit,” remembers Ryan as he launches this commemorative fundraiser:

“We got news just a few days ago that she has passed away unexpectedly: A huge loss for Ndembi’s village, for her family and the community she upheld with Bwiti teachings that form the basis of Mabundi life. 

With this in mind, we have created this fundraiser:
  • Foremost to support her funeral and her family;
  • And also her Mabundi community as her village reorientates in the wake of her passing.
I invite you to watch this short video of Ndembi talking about how Mabundi women can help Western women by sharing knowledge of ways to thrive. And to contribute to this fundraiser in celebration of her life, if you have benefited from the Bwiti tradition in any way. She truly lived it and shared it with us.”