Iboga Detox

Life is not a healing journey.

The Iboga Detox at Root Healing offers a  holistic solution to those who are suffering from various types of addictions. Our program brings together modern science and ancient Bwiti techniques to ensure a safe and powerful healing experience.

It starts with YOU.


The Iboga Detox at Root Healing is a highly effective treatment for those who are struggling with many types of addiction. This unique process is designed to ensure that guests do not suffer any withdrawal symptoms throughout their stay, while also healing the root spiritual and mental causes of their addiction in the first place

Our Approach


Iboga and its many active alkaloids (including Ibogaine) is the most anti-addictive substance on the planet. Our treatment will prevent withdrawal symptoms and physically remove the drugs and toxins from your system. 


Healing the root causes of your addiction and detoxifying your mind from old thought patterns and behaviors that don’t suit you. Increased neuroplasticity following the treatment will help you to build new healthier patterns easily and concretely.  


Our Shaman and Iboga Providers will help you heal on a spiritual level and reconnect you to your own soul by following Bwiti traditions that have been used for thousands of years with Iboga ceremonies. 

Why Chose Us

Our experienced team uses proven approaches to design effective detox programs that are tailored to your individual needs and lay the foundation for permanent recovery. 

Our Team

Iboga Detox retreats are led by Ryan “Ghenigho” Rich, supported by a highly and specifically trained medical team, Iboga providers, and hospitality staff. Our entire staff has been trained in the Bwiti tradition and CPR/First Aid in order to provide you with truly holistic care.


Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich

Detox Specialist


Chief Medical Officer
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Andrea Espinoza


Our Location

Tucked away in the tropical forests in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand our center provides a safe & comfortable environment for your healing. 


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Iboga V. Ibogaine

Iboga Detox is so effective as a tool because it blocks the physical withdrawals, while also helping the person to heal the wounds that led to their addictive behavior in the first place. With our Bwiti and science based program, the mental and spiritual healing guests receive is much greater than most sterilized Ibogaine Clinics can offer. 

Working with just Ibogaine is like using just one ingredient of a perfect dish. Ibogaine is just one of the active alkaloids found in Iboga. Iboga’s alkaloids have been found to have individual benefits, but also work together synergistically for optimal healing. 

Why would you change what is already perfectly made by nature itself? 

Not to mention, Iboga is actually much safer than Ibogaine as it actually is more effective due to the synergistic/individual benefits of these alkaloids and doesn’t require such high levels to be effective. 

Please read our article “Why Iboga is better than Ibogaine” to learn more. 

Scientific research reveals that the main active alkaloid – Ibogaine has potent benefits for the brain which accounts for the efficacy of Iboga Detox. Studies have shown that those who receive an Iboga Detox treatment, can have a painless detox, free themselves from depression and have the ability to model a healthier life post-treatment. 

For example, several studies report that taking Ibogaine can dramatically decrease symptoms of drug addiction and withdrawal. In the largest one, the majority of which with at least 4 years of opioid abuse history (1), 80% experienced reduced withdrawal symptoms and half of the participants reported reduced craving for opioids.

Ibogaine has also been shown to have long-term anti-addiction benefits post-treatment. This is likely due to its effects on neuroplasticity aka the brain’s ability to adapt and form new connections. Laboratory experiments suggest that the alkaloid can activate several neurotrophic growth factors in the brain which play a key role in these processes (2).

For example, low levels of Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) are associated with long-term drug use effects and addiction (3). Triggering this factor may be one of the mechanisms via which Ibogaine rewires the brain and induces long-term abstinence.

Another factor that’s also activated by the alkaloid is Glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF). It plays a role in brain healing by stimulating brain cell survival and the formation of new connections (synapses) between them (4).

Thanks to Ibogaine’s effect on increasing dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, the alkaloid exerts beneficial effects on mood and depression as well. Clinical trials report that symptoms of depression are significantly reduced, even 30 days after the therapy with the alkaloid (5).