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Iboga and Ancestral Trauma.

For people who have a lot of trauma in their ancestral family line, Iboga can help them heal it or cut the cord and start fresh. You can start a brand new healthier lineage. This is beneficial because ancestral trauma can have negative effects on your physical, mental, and spiritual well being. This has been known for thousands of years by the Bwiti who have used Iboga to communicate with and seek guidance from their ancestors since the second ever Iboga Journey long ago. Even in the scientific world, with the study of epigenetics and trauma, we are learning about the reality of ancestral Trauma. For example, there are now several studies that show the psychological and physical effects on the descendants of Holocaust survivors or the shortened lifespans of the descendants of Civil War survivors. (see sources at the bottom for links to more studies and articles).

While these studies are alarming, we are also learning about the flexibility of our genetics which was previously thought to be finite. We now know that we can affect the expression of genetics via our diet, behavior, and experience. This is good news as we know that the healing from Iboga can have an immediate impact. We also know that we have an agency with our behavior post-ceremony. Once everything is cleared we are left with a clean slate to fill with healthy behavior and a focus on happiness. Iboga is the best tool available for healing ancestral trauma when someone is ready.

Personal Experience:

During my first psychospiritual with Moughenda in his village in Gabon, I had a powerful encounter witnessing the trauma and struggles of my ancestors – seeing it firsthand. It may sound crazy to those who have never had an experience with Iboga, but for those that have, this is a common experience. In preparation for a psychospiritual, people are asked to write down questions they have that they want to get answered. For me, a lot of my questions had to do with healing the difficulties of my childhood and my mother, who commit suicide. I got the answers I needed to all the questions and then was left with the Iboga to continue to work things out. This ancestral review was one of those things. Since I had personal strife with certain family members that needed to be healed up, the Iboga showed me the difficulties in their youth which led to the behavior. My anger was transformed into compassion and I eventually went back 3 generations to see my Grandparent’ childhood. This was a powerful healing for me.

In addition to my own personal experience, I have seen several psycho-spiritual journeys where people met with their ancestors, both good and “bad.” This is usually a very profound experience for them and allows them to start fresh and create a new life. 

Anyone who is interested in learning more, please email me directly. If you are in the BIPOC community treatments for ancestral trauma are heavily discounted. 


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