Iboga vs Ibogaine comparison

Iboga Vs Ibogaine: a Comparison

Iboga vs Ibogaine, what is the difference? This is one of the most common questions we get and the simplest answer is that Ibogaine is the main Alkaloid of the Tabernanthe Iboga Tree, whereas Iboga, is the actual root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga Tree. Iboga contains a Ibogaine, but also contains many other active alkaloids that help with healing. Ibogaine does not contain these other alkaloids and is a pure substance, or what we would call the pharmaceutical. This being said, the most important thing is maintaining the spirit of the medicine. By the time Iboga is extracted to Ibogaine HCL, the spirit of the medicine is long gone. 

When it comes to choosing which substance is best for you, Iboga or Ibogaine, it really comes down to the purpose of use. Both Iboga and Ibogaine are effective different things.

iboga alkaloids

Ibogaine Uses:

For those that don’t care about spiritual healing, Ibogaine HCL is used to assist in detox from substances. This is its main purpose and it is an effective tool for healing drug addiction. If administered correctly, even a lifelong addict can have a detox without the withdrawals. In addition, Ibogaine produces neuroplasticity benefits that help the person to build new healthy habits post-treatment to replace the addiction. 

Iboga Uses:

Iboga can also be an effective tool for working with Detox but is mainly used for physical, spiritual, and mental healing. We offer Iboga Assisted Detoxes which have the benefits of Ibogaine with the spiritual side. As mentioned above, Iboga still has the spirit of the medicine in it and all the additional active alkaloids. This promotes a strong spiritual experience when on the medicine. Iboga can heal PTSD, trauma, some physical ailments, ancestral trauma, depression, anger and so much more. When the person really wants to heal, the possibilities are limitless. Iboga is best used in the traditional Bwiti way because everything in the traditional Bwiti ceremony was created by the spirit of Iboga itself. Iboga has worked with the Bwiti over generations to develop the best way for us all to connect to its beautiful spirit. 

Iboga vs Ibogaine Which is best?:

As we mentioned, if you are seeking treatment for drug addiction and don’t want to heal spiritually, sometimes Ibogaine is actually the best initial choice. Outside of addiction though, we believe that Iboga is a much more holistic healer, even with a detx. Iboga taken in the Bwiti traditional context is the world’s most powerful Plant medicine healer and can help you heal physically and Spiritually. When you have healed up and learned to work with Iboga, it is also a fantastic tool for spiritual discovery or exploration. 

Now, whats the difference between Iboga and Ayahuasca?

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