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Ibogaine Clinic vs. Iboga Retreat

An Ibogaine Clinic and Iboga Retreats are two completely different experiences, both having their own pros and cons. Since we have been getting this question a lot, we decided to share a quick post about it from our perspective. So, what are the differences, shortfalls, and benefits of Ibogaine Clinics or Iboga Retreats

Ibogaine Clinics tend to be in a hospital-like clinical setting and work with the pure chemical Ibogaine HCL. Ibogaine HCL has been extracted down to the single Ibogaine alkaloid, whereas Iboga contains over 30 known alkaloids. Ibogaine HCL is effective as an addiction interrupter, but it no longer contains the spirit of Iboga or other beneficial alkaloids.  This being said, any Ibogaine Clinic you are considering should have both an experienced Doctor and Nurse on staff and must demonstrate how they monitor your status. Detoxing off of drugs with Ibogaine is dangerous and requires meticulous care. Ibogaine Clinics tend to orient towards being a medical facility rather than a spiritual one. This can be both beneficial and harmful. Probably the most important distinction is what you are choosing to use Iboga or Ibogaine for. Someone who is trying to detox off of drugs might be better off starting with an Ibogaine Clinic for safety reasons. We just ask that you please be careful with your selection or reach out to us to help you. 

Iboga Retreats will be more focused on working with the spirit of Iboga (“the Medicine.”) Iboga Retreats will work primarily with Iboga Root Bark and sometimes Iboga TA which is the total alkaloid extract that still contains the medicine’s spirit. While they may have a Doctor and Nurse on staff (we do), the environment of the retreat is not a clinical setting. For an Iboga Retreat, it is essential that the guests feel comfortable and supported so that they can get vulnerable and open up to healing. An Iboga retreat should be based around the Bwiti Tradition and should include Iboga Providers who have been trained in how to work with the medicine in the traditional way. The reason we believe this is so important is that the Bwiti have been working with Iboga for thousands of years and the entire tradition is dictated to them by Iboga. In other words, the spirit of Iboga itself has been the creator of all things Bwiti since the Babongo discovered it a long time ago. The Bwiti ceremony features many rituals that will help to bring both the spirit of the medicine and the Bwiti ancestors and spirits in to help. Traditional Bwiti Iboga ceremonies are a powerful experience and can promote radical change and healing. 

One thing that we have found many people are not aware of is that there are also people offering detox who also incorporate the Bwiti tradition. The meeting of his Bwiti wisdom and experience in the western world have been perfect in shaping healing programs like ours. What we like most about this way of treating addiction is that it maintains the spirit of the medicine all the way through and still calls upon the help of the ancestors and spirits to aid you through this difficult challenge. For those interested in this type of Iboga Treatment, we are happy to explain how our program works.

So, in short, an Ibogaine Clinic is a hospital-like setting that can be a safer and more effective solution for treating certain drug addictions, whereas an Iboga Retreat is more of a transformative spiritual experience. As mentioned above, our detox program offers the benefits of both the Ibogaine Clinic and Iboga Retreat in one since we utilize both Bwiti and modern medical techniques. For more information or if you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to reach out at any time. We can help you to determine what the best plan of action is for you and connect you to the right people once you have decided on a path. 

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