Our Medicine

When deciding to work with Iboga as plant medicine, it is important to know what it is, and where the medicine came from.

All of the medicine used in our Iboga Retreats, Detox, and Specialized Treatments comes directly from our Bwiti family and is sustainably grown, traditionally harvested, and ceremonially prepared.

Sustainable and Ethical Source

With the growing popularity of plant medicines and Ibogaine’s effectiveness as a solution to the opioid crisis becoming increasingly recognized, Iboga is becoming more and more sought after. This is why it’s essential that Iboga root bark be sourced in a sustainable way. 

All of our Iboga comes from the most sustainable and ethical source there is, the Bwiti people. The Bwiti have been the shepherds and protectors of Iboga for thousands of years and know exactly how to manage it. Since our medicine is collected directly from the Bwiti village we work with; we know exactly where it comes from and how it was prepared.

Traditionally Harvested and Ceremonially Prepared

As is true with all plant medicines, there are traditions around how it is grown, harvested, and prepared. With Iboga, the Bwiti have essential practices to celebrate it, give thanks, and ensure that the spirit of the medicine remains firmly with it. This is important for the medicine to truly heal people on a physical and spiritual level.

All of our medicine has followed this process with deep love and care from our Bwiti family. Here is an example we filmed of them processing of the roots.


At Root Healing, we believe strongly in reciprocity and do a lot to promote it, whether in our organization or through the ones we support. All the organizations we work with are Bwiti-run and have very clear goals – enhancing their own communities. We understand that the mindset of the west is steeped in colonialism, making it difficult for us to see its manifestations. Reciprocity can easily become another tool of colonialism and control and we all need to be very careful of which organizations we support.  We are happy to have found ways to give back that directly benefit the people who are sharing their sacrament and tradition with us.